The ideal Kiwanis member is one who sets aside 7:30-8:30 AM every Thursday to attend the weekly meetings at Sophie's Kitchen. Itís important to mark your calendar as far ahead as possible, so that other commitments donít get in the way. We hope that members will put Kiwanis first, at least for that small period of time once a week. We also believe that people who commit to attending regularly, soon find that they attend the meetings not because they have to, but because they look forward to going and want to attend. 
During the year we are involved in a number of projects, some which are service and some which are fund raising. (See attached sheet for an outline of our annual projects.) 
Our fiscal year begins October 1st, at which time our newly elected Officers begin their term of office. We hold Board Meetings once a month. Only Officers and Board of Trustees are required to attend Board Meetings, however we do encourage our general membership to attend occasionally to observe the workings of the Board, and to bring special projects to the Boardís attention. Members are encouraged to participate in Inter-club visits with other Kiwanis clubs within our division. 
If you add up all the time described in the above membership requirements, itís really not that much. Obviously the breakfasts are an extension of what would otherwise be your regular breakfast hour. And the hours spent working the various projects within the course of the year amount to a very small portion of a yearís time. It is important, however, that individuals wishing to join the Grand Blanc Kiwanis Club understand that these projects do exist and make a commitment up front to be available to work some of them, in order to be an active member and help to make the clubís year successful.



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